WES Store Championship Template

Event Name: Pro Dice Circuit – 2015 Store Championship

Format: Constructed

Game: Dice Masters

Universe: Other

Date & Time: [insert date & time of your event]

Max. Player Cap: [insert number of dice you have ordered—i.e., either 10 or 10 plus the number of extra dice you have ordered]

Save as Template: No

Scoring Method: Dice Masters


Format: Unlimited Constructed

Entry Fee: [insert fee you are charging for entry, if any]

Prize Support: All participants will receive a custom Pro Dice Circuit D6 die created only for the 2015-2016 Store Championships. The winner of the event will receive a custom Pro Dice Circuit Play Mat created only for winners of 2015-2016 Store Championships and will also receive free entry to the Pro Dice Circuit State Championship if one is held in his or her state. [if you are providing additional prize support, describe it here]

Event Guidelines: For more information regarding how Pro Dice Circuit events will be run, please visit http://prodicecircuit.com/official-event-guidelines/.