The Last Roll

Pro Dice Circuit - The Last Roll

When I was first starting to form the concepts of a Dice Masters tournament organization, I never thought I would be making this post. In my mind, I pictured the game, and the Pro Dice Circuit, to both grow tremendously over time, even to the point of having full-time staff working for the PDC. As I’m sure everyone is well aware, we’re not at that point, and we weren’t ever close to that point. The Pro Dice Circuit has always consisted of a team of volunteers, who gave up an abundance of their own personal time to make this thing work for the past few years. As a player, or store owner, you likely didn’t even know that most of these people worked on our staff, and you also likely didn’t realize the amount of time they spent, but as the founder, or “leader” of the group, I know how much of a difference each and every one of them made, and I would have gotten no where without them. Recently, we have had a number of things come up, individually and as a whole, that slowed our operations down to a halt. I, personally, haven’t been able to give as much time and effort as I once was able to.

With all of that being said, I have made the decision that the Pro Dice Circuit will no longer be producing kits or hosting events. This includes the cancellation of our previously planned 2018 Store Championships.

Past and Present Staff (Chris, Isaac, Jenna, JT, Kirsten, Mike, Robert, Stuart) — Thank you all, so much, for your help with the PDC. It was a pleasure working with you, and a pleasure getting to know you while working together. We’ve had so many good chats about a wide variety of topics, and we all got to share our unique perspectives on things. Ultimately, the game of Dice Masters brought us together, and I’m really glad that it did. We didn’t all agree on everything 100% of the time. And I believe that’s what made our group great. We always discussed things in a professional manner, and came to our decisions as a group. I wish you all nothing but the best with what you do down the road, with Dice Masters and with your lives in general.

Store Owners — Thank you for your faith in us. I don’t take it lightly that you allowed us to have a presence in your stores. Without you being willing to purchase our kits, we would have been nothing more than just a group of people with an idea. You all gave us a chance and you all made us a legitimate organization. I’m truly grateful.

Players — The excitement, and real sense of “community,” that I got to witness at PDC events made all of the work worth it. So many great stories of victory and defeat. Creative team builds were always on display, and they always seemed to catch me off guard. I remember when Guy/Miri took our first few events by storm. That team really shaped my own personal team building for a long time. (Legend has it, I still have a Guy/Miri team built in one of my deck boxes.) Then, of course, I remember when everyone jumped on the Bard Blitz bandwagon. And most recently, I loved seeing how excited everyone was to try PDC Draft events. Thank you all, so much, for playing in Pro Dice Circuit events. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I’ve enjoyed watching from behind the scenes.

The future of Dice Masters looks a lot different than the past. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, either. WizKids has been willing to morph the game over the years, and in my eyes, a company willing to try new things in order to improve the state of their game, is a very positive thing. You don’t get that everywhere. I look forward to seeing how the new “box set age” takes shape over the course of the next few months.

I’ll still be lurking the various Facebook groups, moderating the Dice Masters subreddit, and heading to events from time to time, so hopefully I’ll see you again soon!

May the rolls be ever in your favor,

Joel Szirony, PDC Founder