Statement on the Vancouver Regional Championship (UPDATED 9/7)

A statement on the Regional Championship in Vancouver, BC

The Pro Dice Circuit (PDC) regrets to inform the Dice Masters community that the results from the Regional Championship held in Vancouver, BC, Canada will be nullified. There were four players at this event, with one of them being a PDC Staff Member, at the time of the event (as was listed on our website until 9/6/16). The Pro Dice Circuit indicated to the community, that we were not allowing ourselves to play in Regional Championships. Every PDC Staff Member was informed of this. The event in Vancouver had two swiss rounds, whereas our Official Event Guidelines dictate that for 4-8 players, 3 rounds must be played. There was also no Top 4 (or even Top 2) Cut at this event. At all of our premier events, regardless of number of players, we require there to be elimination rounds (commonly referred to as The Cut, Top 4 Cut, Top 8 Cut, etc.).

Due to the above infractions, the tournament was not conducted properly, so we can not honor the results. We apologize to the players who attended the event. The Pro Dice Circuit provided $300 cash to each Regional Championship host, to be used as prize support. None of the $300 sent to Vancouver has been returned to the Pro Dice Circuit, and we do not request that it be sent back. We allowed everyone to keep all of their prize support, including the cash and PDC prizes, combined to be worth well over $300. Every player should have gotten a playmat, 16 dice, 2 sets of basic action indicators and a share of the cash and/or store credit from the store itself. We feel this is adequate compensation for participating in a nullified event.

Originally, it was reported to us that proxies (self-printed cards and/or incorrect dice) were used at this event. As the event is now over, this can not be confirmed one way or another, so we are removing it from our statement. The tournament organizer, a former PDC Staff Member, has confirmed with us that they always allow proxies at their store, but this does not indicate that any were actually used at the PDC Regional Championship.

The former PDC Staff Member, who ran this event, informed the other PDC Staff Members of their intention to resign following the Regional Championship. This resignation was not related to this event.

The PDC deeply regrets this situation and we regret that these players were not able to have their results recorded officially.

We do not believe that this former PDC Staff Member purposefully conducted this tournament incorrectly. This person has contributed a significant amount to the Pro Dice Circuit, and to the Dice Masters community as a whole.

Our mission at the PDC is to construct and provide enjoyable Dice Masters events for the entire community at the highest standards of fair-play. We hope that this isolated incident does not dissuade your participation in future events.

The Pro Dice Circuit Staff

(Joel, Robert, Mike and Stuart)