Pro Dice Circuit 2015-2016 Season Leaderboard

The Pro Dice Circuit is excited to announce its Season Leaderboard. To help promote some cross-region integration, and to reward players who attend multiple PDC events, the Pro Dice Circuit will be maintaining a Leaderboard throughout the season to recognize dedicated and successful players who attend PDC events.

After each PDC event, players will receive Leaderboard points based on the following:

Store Championship State/Provincial Championship Regional Championship
1st Place 5 10 15
2nd Place 4 8 12
3rd-4th Place 3 6 9
5th-8th Place 2 4 6
9th + Place 1 2 3

After all Regional Championships are concluded for the 2015-2016 season, thanks to the personal generosity of the players who have founded the Pro Dice Circuit (i.e., PDC funds are not being used to provide these prizes!), the top ten players on the Leaderboard will receive the following:

1st Place – Full & Blank Art Iron Fist cards with 4 Dice

2nd Place – Full & Blank Art Batmobile cards with 4 Dice

3rd Place – Harley Quinn, Dr. Harleen Quinzel Full Art Promo Card

4th Place – Beast, Mutate #666 Full Art Promo Card

5th Place – Four French/German Basic Action Color Indicator Cards from Age of Ultron Starter Set

1st through 10th Place – 2015-2016 PDC Season Top 10 Player Dice Bag (sample, subject to change, below)


Play at as many PDC events as possible to maximize your chances to win!