PDC Prime Store Championship Schedule

We have nearly 60 stores 5 countries participating in this years inaugural PDC Prime Store Championship Series! Find the nearest store to you and make sure you register to play in these exciting events to win a Custom Champion Playmat and free entry into a State Prime Championship! As stores finalize their dates, we will add them and link them to their WIN Events.

Click HERE to get the WIN Event Template Info!


Store Name

Event Date

Arizona Amazing Discoveries 4/29/17
California It’s Game Time 4/29/17
California Artifex Games and Comics 4/9/17
California Comic Hero University 4/6/17
Colorado The Nerd Store TBD
Florida Coliseum of Comics: Downtown Lakeland 5/13/17
Florida House Rules Gaming TBD
Georgia Meeple Madness 5/13/17
Illinois Dice Dojo 5/21/17
Indiana Better World Books 4/29/17
Indiana Game Paradise 5/27/17
Indiana Secret Door 5/19/17
Kentucky The Rusty Scabbard 4/14/17
Kentucky The Destination TBD
Maine Spell Bound TBD
Maryland Alternate Worlds Comics & Games 4/8/17
Maryland Third Eye Games and Hobbies TBD
Michgan Out of the Box Games – Kentwood 6/3/17
Michgan Out of the Box Games – Zeeland 6/10/17
Michgan Mike’s Comics and Games 4/29/17
Minnesota Level Up Games 4/30/17
Missouri SUBCULTURE 5/2/17
Nebraska Sparta Games TBD
Nevada MaximuM Comics TBD
New Jersey Top Deck Games 5/21/17
New Jersey Tiki Tiki Board Games 5/6/17
New Mexico Zia Comics 4/28/17
New York Millennium Games 4/15/17
North Carolina The Dugout Cards & Games TBD
Ohio Trials and Treasures TBD
Ohio The Gamers Keep TBD
Ohio Frogtown Hobbies TBD
Ohio Ground Zero Comics 4/15/17
Ohio Kidforce collectables 4/16/17
Ohio Ground Zero Comics 5/20/17
Oklahoma Game HQ, Inc. TBD
Oregon Guardian Games 4/15/17
Pennsylvania SCG Hobby TBD
South Carolina Final Round Game Shop 5/6/17
Tennessee Collectors Connection 4/1/17
Tennessee Pair a Dice Games 5/13/17
Texas Doc’s Comics & Games 5/17/17
Texas Ground Zero Comics 4/8/17
Texas Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy Austin 5/20/17
Utah Epic Puzzles and Games TBD
Utah Game Haven Sandy TBD
Utah Gamer’s Inn TBD
Virgina Victory Comics 5/7/17
Washington Olympic Cards & Comics TBD
Washington Direct Damage LLC 4/8/17
West Virginia Four Horsemen Comics and Gaming TBD
Wisconsin Double Daggers Artisan Emporium 4/15/17
UK Element Games TBD
Scotland Settlers TBD
Ireland Black Kat Games 4/9/17