PDC Leaderboard Underway!

We previously announced the creation of the Pro Dice Circuit 2015-2016 Season Leaderboard, which recognizes high-performing players throughout the Pro Dice Circuit Season.  With two weeks under our belt now, we are pleased to announce the first Leaderboard standings, which can be found in the menu, above, under “PDC Leaderboard” or by clicking here.  We already have 187 players who have played in PDC events this season!

PLEASE NOTE:  The Leaderboard only reflects points earned in events where the (a) WES results link and (b) the team lists for the top two finishers have been sent to info@prodicecircuit.com.  If you don’t believe that your Leaderboard points reflect all events you have participated in and/or an event you participated in has not yet had the top two teams announced in a Weekly Update post PLEASE CONTACT THE ORGANIZER OF THAT EVENT AND ASK THEM TO SEND THE NECESSARY INFORMATION TO THE PDC SO THAT YOU MAY RECEIVE LEADERBOARD POINTS FOR THE EVENT.  Both the results and the team lists are critical to accomplishing the mission of the pro Dice Circuit, and we appreciate your assistance in helping us meet these goals.  Compliance with these requirements will be factors in awarding locations for State and Regional Championships.