Official Event Guidelines

Official PDC Event Guidelines

Last Revision: 09/07/16 — Document subject to change.

In order to help PDC events run smoothly, we’ve drafted a document of Official Event Guidelines for event hosts. Please take a moment to read through.

Before the Event

  • Select a date for your event. If your event is a Store or State Championship, you may want to check with the Pro Dice Circuit Staff, to make sure your event won’t conflict with an already scheduled event.
  • Select an entry fee and prize structure for your event. You will be sent official Pro Dice Circuit prizes to be handed out to the top finishers. These will typically indicate who they are for by what is printed on the actual prize (Top 4 Playmat, Top 8 Basic Action Indicator, etc.).  We encourage that you add additional prize support; such as store credit, booster packs, or anything else that you deem appropriate. The entry fee is something that we can recommend, or you can set yourself. Typically, Store Championships are $5-10, State Championships are $10-15 and Regional Championships are $15.
  • If your store is already on the WizKids Info Network, please enter your event into the system once your date has been approved by the PDC Staff to maximize publicity for the event; the PDC will link to that entry on its website as well.
  • When creating your event in the Event System, use the template available on our website to ensure that potential players are adequately informed.
  • Select a Tournament Organizer/Judge for your event.  This is the person who will make sure the event runs smoothly, makes pairings for rounds, make rulings on rules questions, etc.  Tournament Organizers/Judges are permitted to play in Store Championships, but rules questions that arise during that player’s games must be resolved by a different player.
  • If you are realize before your event that you did not order enough participation prizes to support the number of players who will attend, contact us at about securing more before your event.

During the Event

  • Players should record their teams before any matches are held on a Team Sheet (found at  Players provide these sheets to their opponents before their matches to confirm team composition and record results on these sheets at the end of each match to report their results.
  • The event structure will be a # of Swiss Rounds followed by a Cut to Single Elimination. The # of Swiss Rounds will be determined by how many players you have at your event. For 4-8 players, 3 rounds. 9-16 players would be 4 rounds. 17-32 players would be 5 rounds. 33-64 players would be 6 rounds. 65+ would be 7 rounds. The # of participants in the Cut to Single Elimination will be Top 4 for 4-20 players, Top 8 for 21-128 players and Top 16 for 129+ players.
  • Adhere to official WizKids Tournament Rules (available at with the following clarifications:
    • Swiss rounds will be best-of-one, 30-minute matches. When time is called, if the game is incomplete, a 0-1-2-3 turn extension will be played (the active player at the point when time is called will be turn 0). At the end of turn 3, if the game is still incomplete (no player has been reduced to 0 health), the round will be entered as a tie for scoring purposes in the WizKids Event System, which you should be using to record your PDC Event.
    • The cut will be single elimination, best-of-three, 50-minute matches. When time is called, if the game is incomplete, a 0-1-2-3-4-5 turn extension will be played (the acting player at the moment when time is called will be turn 0). During single elimination rounds, after the additional 5 turns a winner must be determined. To determine the winner, the player who has won the most games in the match wins.
      If both players have won the same number of games, either 1 or none, then the player with the higher life total in the current game wins.
      If players have the same amount of wins and the same amount of life in the current game, then the game continues until one player has a higher life total than his or her opponent. In this case, the player with the higher life total wins. If players have the same amount of wins but have not started a new game, then they must play a tiebreaker game. A tiebreaker game consists of 5 turns after which the player with the higher life total wins. If both players have the same life total after 5 turns, then the game continues and concludes as outlined above.
      Please note that the PDC Official Event Guidelines adhere to official WizKids Tournament Rules with the following clarifications cited above.
  • Stores are strongly encouraged to use the WizKids Event System to run their event to ensure proper placement tie-breaking for making cuts to single elimination.
    • If there is an odd number of players in your event, you should add one additional player called [STORENAME]BYEROUND.  Players paired against that “player” have a bye.  This is required to ensure proper placement as the Event System has an error that prevents players who have a bye round from being properly awarded the points associated with a win.
  • Be sure to finalize the event results in the Event System at its conclusion.

After the Event

  • Send the link to the Event System results for your event to
  • Send the team lists of the first and second place teams to  A photo or scan of the team lists for those teams is likely the simplest way to accomplish this.