Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When can my store apply to host an event?

Answer: There will be an application form on this page when we are accepting applications for events.

Question: Will cards ever be banned from official PDC tournaments?

Answer: The only time cards will be banned from official Competitive-level PDC tournaments is when they are officially banned by WizKids. Relentless and Swords of Revealing Light are the only cards currently banned from our events, as they are banned by WizKids.

Question: Do I have to qualify for your events, or can I just show up and play?

Answer: You do not have to qualify for any level of our events. You are free to register for any level.

Question: None of my local stores will support Dice Masters organized play. Can my local group still host an event?

Answer: Yes, we have allowed certain player groups to host events, given they have a dedicated place to play that is publicly accessible. Apply as if you were a store, and give as much info as you can. Email us if you need further instructions/guidance.

Question: What format are your competitive tournaments?

Answer: In 2017 we will be offering two forms of Competitive Play – Prime Constructed and Draft. Prime is a form of “Modern” constructed which allows only the most recent sets for play (World’s Finest and forward. Draft is a standard Rainbow Draft format and will correspond with a new set release from WizKids. Each of these series will have a Store, State/Provincial Championship and Regional Championship.

Question: I have an idea for the Pro Dice Circuit. Where can I submit it?

Answer: Message us through our Facebook Page, or email us (

Question: Are you a part of WizKids?

Answer: No. We are not affiliated with WizKids, or their parent company, NECA. We are a team of volunteers, trying to help grow the game and the community through more organized play opportunities.

Question: Can PDC Staff play in events?

Answer: The PDC Staff can play in Store and State/Provincial level events. We will not be permitted to play in Regional Championships. We will not accept official prize support for playing in any events. All prizes must be passed down to the next place finisher.