Coming to a Galaxy Near You

Star Wars: Destiny - Pro Dice Circuit

The Pro Dice Circuit will soon be expanding into the world of Star Wars: Destiny, from Fantasy Flight Games. For those of you who are already familiar with the PDC, we look forward to exploring new territories with you. And to those who are uninitiated, we’re simply a group of players who sought out another opportunity to play competitively. Our goal has never been to undermine what WizKids does with Dice Masters, and it won’t be our goal to undermine what Fantasy Flight Games does with Star Wars: Destiny. Both companies are amazing game companies that produce some of the best games in the world, and have excellent organized play structures. Our goal is simply to provide our fellow gamers with another chance to compete at the games they love.

Feel free to look around the site. Check out what we’ve done this past year in the world of Dice Masters organized play. We’re hoping to bring the same great experiences to the community of another great dice (and card) game. For now, most links and pages will only take you to Dice Masters content, but we will be putting new Star Wars: Destiny content and pages up really soon.

We will be announcing more information on prize support, tournament structure, and other important PDC info in the coming days! Please keep your eyes on our Facebook Page and our website.