About Us

The Pro Dice Circuit (or PDC) is a volunteer-ran organization that provides an alternative form of organized play for Dice Masters. We have held over 100 competitive events across the United States, Canada, Guatemala, and Ireland. We are not affiliated with WizKids/NECA.

Our Staff:
Joel (Dice Masters Subreddit Moderator)
Stuart (The Reserve Pool Contributor)
Robert (Player Contributor)
Mike (Player Contributor)
JT (Reserve Pool Contributor)
Chris (Player Contributor)
Kirsten (Store Contributor)

We strive to give players more access to competitive-level tournaments with unique prize support. Our competitive tournaments are events that stores must apply to host. In our first year, we had Store Championships, State & Provincial Championship, and Regional Championships that stores could host. In 2017, we will be adding a World Championship. More details coming soon.

New in  2017 is the announcement of our Prime and Draft Series! Prime is a new format that will only allow the most recent published sets to be used (World’s Finest and newer). The Draft Series will be a familiar Rainbow Draft and will be held around new set releases!

If you find you have questions about us, or our events, please contact us by email (info@prodicecircuit.com).

2017 Competitive Event Schedule:

Draft Store Championships

Prime Store Championships

Draft State/Provincial Championships

Prime State/Provincial Championships

Draft and Prime Regional Championships
4Q of 2017

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