2 Days Left to Apply for Store Championship Kits! 85+ Already Participating!

We’re getting down to the wire. You’ve got just 2 more days to apply for a 2015 Pro Dice Circuit Store Championship Kit! If you’re a store owner or manager, and have questions about the Pro Dice Circuit, please feel free to message us through our Facebook page. We’d be glad to give you all of the information that you’ll need.

As of now, we’re at 85+ stores holding PDC Store Championships. Out of these 85+, we’ve got over half of the United States hosting at least 1 event, a total of 3 Canadian Provinces, as well as 3 other international stores.

It has beenĀ extremely encouraging to see these kinds of numbers. The PDC Staff has truly been blown away by the amount of support we’ve received from the community. It gets said a lot, but we feel the Dice Masters community is the greatest!

So if you haven’t had a chance to talk it over with your store, please do so soon!